Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Lessons to learn from IT industry's current turmoil

This article I wrote appeared in the Deccan Herald on 11th July 2017.  The article talks about the challenges faced by the IT Industry  and what could be the key learning. 
1) The negative news flow about the IT industry continues , yet IT industry jobs are the most sought after. 

2) Re-skilling in IT Industry is needed and we have gone through re-skilling in the past during the pre/post Y2K era.

3)  A downturn looms large and every 8th year since 2000, we have seen some form of down-turn, but the Industry has demonstrated resolve to grow post the event.

4) Engineering colleges mushroomed by piggy-backing on IT. Only 3% of the graduate Engineers are employable in IT Industry. Intake into Engineering colleges must be tightened, colleges must reskill teachers 

5) We need alternate Industry to pick-up for mass employment generation. Also focus on entrepreneurship will be the key

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